ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week + Solar & Storage Vietnam 2024

InvitationAPsystems to Showcase at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024 and Solar & Storage Live Vietnam 2024

APsystems is pleased to announce our participation in two upcoming major exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region, namely the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024 in Thailand from July 3rd to 5th, with booth number F41, and the Solar & Storage Live Vietnam 2024 from July 10th to 11th, with booth number F22.

At these events, APsystems will showcase our latest product release, the Hybrid Microinverter for storage EZHI, as well as our distributed solar energy storage solutions. The EZHI is a new hybrid microinverter designed for do-it-yourself (DIY) scenarios such as balconies. It can be directly connected to photovoltaic modules and energy storage batteries, allowing for the storage of power generated by the PV system during the day for later use. This enhances energy utilization and optimizes electricity costs. The EZHI system seamlessly integrates into existing balcony PV systems, transforming them into PV-storage integrated systems. Additionally, the EZHI features an off-grid function, providing backup power for lighting and household appliances, thus addressing unexpected power outages. It also serves as a mobile power solution for outdoor scenarios like camping, supporting 2X fast charging.

In addition, we will also be showcasing our 20A high-current microinverter product, RSD products, and residential energy storage inverters. Our lineup will include cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions designed to meet the growing demand for efficient and reliable power conversion systems. Our team of experts will be on hand to provide detailed information and insights into the features and benefits of our products, as well as to discuss how they can be integrated into various applications.

We invite you to visit our booth at these events to learn more about our innovative products and solutions. We look forward to meeting you at the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2024 and Solar & Storage Live Vietnam 2024.

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ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week (Renewable Energy Asia, Energy Efficiency Expo, Energy Storage Asia) & Electric Vehicle Asia 2024
Exhibition hall:Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC)
Address:60 Rachadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Solar & Storage Live Vietnam 2024
Exhibition hall:Sky Expo Vietnam International Convention Exhibition Center
Address:Quang Trung Software City, Duong so 2 street, Tan Hung Thuan, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Booth:Hall A1 F22

APsystems Hybrid Microinverter for Storage EZHI Makes Global Debut, Shining at SNEC Exhibition

Shanghai, June 13, 2024 – The SNEC PV Power Expo + 17th (2024) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Exhibition opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. APsystems showcased its distributed full-scenario energy storage & EV charging solution, including the global debut of its new hybrid microinverter for storage EZHI, which attracted widespread attention from exhibitors.

EZHI is a new hybrid microinverter for storage launched by APsystems for DIY scenarios like balconies. It can be directly connected to photovoltaic modules and energy storage batteries, storing the power generated by the PV system during the day for later use, thereby improving energy utilization and optimizing electricity costs. The EZHI system can be seamlessly integrated into the existing balcony PV system, upgrading it to a PV-storage integrated system. Additionally, EZHI features an off-grid function, providing backup power for lighting and household appliances, and solving unexpected power outages. It can also serve as a mobile power solution for outdoor scenarios like camping, supporting 2X fast charging.

EZHI has a maximum output power of 1200W and features 2 input channels, each capable of connecting to 800W+ PV modules. The product is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication module, allowing users to quickly complete system setup, commissioning, and remote O&M through a mobile app without the need for a dedicated gateway device. The compact and lightweight design, as well as the plug-and-play installation, greatly enhance the convenience for DIY users.

At the exhibition, APsystems also showcased a range of single-phase and three-phase PV-storage-charging solutions, including 20A high-current microinverter products QT2 and DS3 series, energy storage inverters ELS and ELT series, charging piles, and batteries. This integrated offering from APsystems allows the company to cater to the diverse energy needs of customers, from residential to commercial and industrial applications, by seamlessly combining photovoltaic generation, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging capabilities.

During the exhibition, APsystems also hosted multiple technical sharing sessions covering topics such as microinverters, energy storage, and the AP designer platform. The excitement, however, did not end there. APsystems unveiled its vibrant “Orange” series of activities, which created a lively atmosphere on the show floor. Visitors were delighted to participate in the engaging activities and walked away with an array of exquisite gifts.

For more details, please email us at We look forward to seeing you all at SNEC 2024, 7.1H F660.

Invitation to Visit APsystems for the Global Unveiling of Hybrid Microinverters for Storage at SNEC 2024 in Shanghai, China

We are pleased to extend our invitation to visit APsystems at Booth 7.1H F660 at the upcoming SNEC 17th (2024) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition, which will take place from June 13 to 15 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China.

During the event, we will be unveiling our new Hybrid Microinverter for storage, showcasing our distributed full-scenario PV-storage-charging solution. This comprehensive solution includes micro energy storage solutions, residential energy storage solutions, and commercial energy storage solutions. Our extensive range of products, including microinverters, storage products, RSD, and EMA software ecosystem, will be on display, demonstrating our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the evolving renewable energy market.

As part of our participation in the exhibition, we will be conducting technical training sessions. We are committed to providing valuable learning opportunities for attendees and ensuring they have a thorough understanding of our products and solutions. Furthermore, throughout the event, we will be hosting various activities and giveaways, providing attendees with the chance to engage with our team and learn more about our offerings.

Thank you for considering our invitation, and we look forward to welcoming you to SNEC 2024 in Shanghai.

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, 201204, P.R.C.
Booth: 7.1H F660
Date: June 13~15, 2024


Invitation to Visit APsystems and APsmart Booth at Solar & Storage Live Philippines 2024

We are excited to invite you to join us at Solar & Storage Live Philippines 2024 on May 20th and 21st. Visit APsystems and APsmart at booth 1M19, Hall 3, where we will be showcasing our latest MLPE and storage products.

As one of the most significant solar energy trade shows in APAC, the event offers a valuable opportunity to learn about energy generation and the latest solar technology. Our display will feature the micro energy storage solution, including the microinverter EZ1 and River 1600, designed for balcony and DIY systems. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth version of EZ1 series are APsystems’ latest dual microinverters, dedicatedly designed for balcony and DIY systems. The EZ1 series microinverters have 2 input channels with independent MPPT and high input current and output power to adapt to today’s larger power modules. Paired with our EZ1 microinverter, River 1600 converts stored DC power into AC power for household appliances, maximizing solar energy utilization.

In addition, we will present our DS3 series, the most powerful dual-module microinverter in the world, and the QT2 series, offering unprecedented power output in a three-phase microinverter. Also on display will be APsmart’s brand of DC MLPE devices, including the dual-module Rapid Shutdown Device (RSD-D) and Transmitter-PLC, compliant with NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown and SunSpec certified.

For more information, please contact us at We are looking forward to meeting you at Solar & Storage Live Philippines 2024.


Date: May 20-21, 2024
Booth: 1M19, Hall 3
Venue: SMX Convention Center, Manila



APsystems continues to illuminate lives with Extend the Day

In a steadfast commitment to making a difference in the lives of schoolchildren in disadvantaged regions, APsystems proudly supports Extend the Day and its remarkable “Lights for Learning” program. Extend the Day, a non-profit charity organization, is dedicated to providing solar reading lights to students in underprivileged regions lacking access to electricity.

“APsystems is proud to partner with Extend the Day to bring light to these children’s lives,” said Dr. Zhi-min Ling, APsystems’ co-founder and chairman. “Our support empowers Extend the Day to expand their reach and build upon their already successful projects on multiple continents.”

In a recent update, Extend the Day is making significant strides in their mission. Thousands of solar-powered lights were shipped last month to Bangladesh, with thousands more set to illuminate South Africa this month, following a recent dispatch of lights to Kenya. An ongoing collaboration between APsystems and Extend the Day, the Lights for Learning program demonstrates how education can be a critical key to success for children in disadvantaged communities, offering them the opportunity to excel academically, complete their homework after dark, and stay in school.

For more information on Extend the Day and their impactful work, visit Together, we can extend the light of knowledge and hope to those who need it most.

10 Million Solar Panels Served Worldwide with APsystems MLPE Devices


Global solar leader achieves major milestone in MLPE deployment, driving 4 terawatt hours of clean energy generation while offsetting 3 million tons of CO2

JIAXING, China – [October 16, 2023] – APsystems, the global leader in multiplatform solar MLPE devices, proudly announces that it has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing 10 million interconnected units. These units represent the number of solar panels served by APsystems’ MLPE products installed in markets worldwide. The cumulative impact of these installations is remarkable, with systems in the field having generated an astounding 4 terawatt hours (4 trillion watt-hours) of clean and renewable energy. This energy generation has made a significant contribution to mitigating climate change by eliminating or offsetting approximately 3 million tons of CO2 emissions that would typically be associated with the production of that energy.

APsystems’ MLPE devices, including microinverters and APsmart rapid shutdown devices (RSDs), play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and safety of connected solar systems. By optimizing energy production at the panel level and enabling rapid shutdown capabilities, APsystems’ MLPE technology has empowered system owners to achieve optimal energy harvest while adhering to stringent safety regulations.

“We are thrilled to reach this significant milestone of 10 million interconnected units and the substantial energy production it represents,” said Dr. Zhi-min Ling, co-founder and chairman of APsystems. “The 4 terawatt hours of clean energy produced by our systems is a testament to the widespread adoption of our MLPE devices and their impact on global electrical generation. This achievement not only advances the transition to clean energy but also underscores our commitment to a sustainable future.”

Olivier Jacques, APsystems President of global business units, added, “The accomplishment of offsetting approximately 3 million tons of CO2 emissions is a remarkable testament to the positive environmental impact of APsystems’ MLPE solutions. By eliminating carbon emissions that would typically be associated with the production of 4 terawatt hours of energy, we are making a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. We are proud to be at the forefront of driving sustainability in the solar industry and enabling our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.”

As APsystems continues to expand its presence in the global solar market, the company remains focused on pushing the boundaries of solar technology and delivering innovative solutions to address the ever-evolving needs of the industry. APsystems’ commitment to excellence, combined with its extensive global reach and customer-centric approach, positions the company as a trusted partner for solar professionals and system owners worldwide.

Press Release: APsystems Announces Global APstorage Launch at RE+ Las Vegas


Empowering global energy solutions: APstorage offers unmatched flexibility and capability

LAS VEGAS, NV — September 11, 2023 — APsystems, a pioneer in advanced solar power conversion technology, proudly announces the global launch of its innovative APstorage product line at the RE+ trade show in Las Vegas. This comprehensive offering includes a range of state-of-the-art battery inverter models, designed to set new standards in energy storage solutions worldwide.

Battery Agnostic: Setting a New Global Standard
A standout feature of the APstorage solution is its unique battery-agnostic capability. APsystems’ ELS battery inverters, which stand for Energy Storage, Low Voltage, Single-phase, can seamlessly connect to a myriad of industry-leading battery models. Additional models continue to be added to the detailed list of compatible batteries readily available on the APsystems website.

Dr. Yuhao Luo, CTO of APsystems, remarked, “The launch of the APstorage ELS line marks a pivotal moment in the global energy storage landscape. The APstorage ELS series provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing consumers worldwide to select from a diverse range of intelligent battery options, empowering consumers around the world to choose the battery that best suits their needs.”

Seamless Integration with DS3 Microinverters
The ELS series is an AC-coupled energy storage solution designed to work seamlessly with the APsystems DS3 microinverter offering, providing a fully integrated solar + storage solution for consumers and professionals alike.

Answering the Soaring Global Demand for Energy Storage
With the global demand for energy storage experiencing an unprecedented surge, APsystems is at the forefront, ready to respond to this need with its diverse range of ELS models, available for various regions, and boasting impressive capabilities and cutting-edge features.

“The escalating global demand for energy storage solutions is unmistakable,” said Maxime Boiron, global marketing director at APsystems. “APsystems is dedicated to offering solar+ storage products that not only meet this demand in all market segments but set new benchmarks in innovation, compatibility, and user-friendliness for global consumers and solar installers alike. Moreover, we have an exciting roadmap of APstorage products to complement the portfolio, both for DIY and 3-phase storage, which will be introduced in the coming months.”

APstorage Battery Inverter PCS Models
APsystems is introducing five ELS battery inverter Power Conversion System (PCS) models for use in various markets around the world. Not all models will be available in every market. Models include:
• ELS-3k
• ELS-5k
• ELS-7.6k
• ELS-9.6k
• ELS-11.4k

Intelligent Energy Management for the World
The APstorage smart ELS battery inverters, available to a global audience, come equipped with automatic energy management features rooted in intelligent software and integrated monitoring. System owners can choose several switchable operating modes, including Back-up, Self-consumption, and Peak-Valley / Time-of-use modes, ensuring critical loads are secured during power outages while maximizing home energy savings.





APsystems Expands Presence in Brazil, Delivering Industry-Leading Solar Solutions


SÃO PAULO, Brazil–APsystems, the global leader in multiplatform solar MLPE devices, is proud to announce the opening of its new branch in Brazil, reaffirming its commitment to the Latin American market. With almost a decade of experience in the region and a physical presence for the past seven years, APsystems is proud to expand its operations in Brazil to better support its customers and demonstrate its dedication to meeting the unique needs of the Brazilian market.

“We are thrilled to strengthen our presence in Brazil and build on our deep understanding of the region’s solar needs,” said Mariani Pereira, Brazil Country Manager at APsystems. “Our expanded local operations will enable us to provide our customers with superior service, support, and the most advanced microinverter solutions, tailored specifically to the Brazilian market.”

APsystems has been consistently recognized by EUPD Research as a Top PV Inverter Brand in Brazil, reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction. With a keen understanding of the unique demands of the Brazilian market, APsystems has developed a diverse range of microinverter solutions that cater to the specific needs of customers in Brazil.

APsystems’ DS3 and QT2 microinverter product lines set industry benchmarks in terms of performance and compatibility. With five models available in Brazil – DS3-LV, DS3-H, DS3D, QT2-220, and QT2D – APsystems offers the widest range of microinverters in the region, and will soon be adding to its product portfolio with its APstorage PCS battery inverter charger. Notably, these microinverters boast the highest input amperage on the market (20A), making them fully equipped and future-facing to handle the next generation of high-capacity PV modules.

“By opening our new branch in Brazil, we demonstrate our long-term investment in the country’s solar energy future,” stated Olivier Jacques, President of Global Business Units at APsystems. “We understand the unique needs of the Brazilian market and are dedicated to fulfilling them with industry-leading products and technology. We’re proud to continue driving the success of solar projects throughout the region.”

With over 60,000 unique solar installations in Brazil already monitored on the EMA platform, APsystems has proven its expertise in delivering advanced, reliable solar solutions to the country. APsystems will soon be introducing its APstorage PCS battery inverter. As the company expands its global operations, it remains committed to offering high-quality products built to meet all the necessary standards and certifications for the Brazil market.

APsystems will be exhibiting at the upcoming Intersolar South America event, the largest solar event in Latin America, held August 29-31 in São Paulo. Attendees can visit the Ecori Energia Solar & APsystems booth, located at G6.55 in the green pavilion, and learn more about APsystems’ investment in Brazil and the latest advancements in solar microinverter technology.

Join APsystems at RE+ International & Experience the Future of Energy Storage

Charge into the future with APsystems at RE+ International as we unveil our residential energy storage solution, APstorage! Discover the groundbreaking ELS, an intelligent Power Conversion System (PCS) equipped with automatic energy management features and integrated monitoring, providing homeowners with a reliable and efficient energy storage solution. This cutting-edge system seamlessly combines innovative technology and unparalleled performance, offering switchable functions, including backup, self-consumption, and time-of-use modes, to meet specific homeowner preferences and maximize energy savings.

Learn more at

As a global leader in the renewable energy industry, we are looking forward to showcasing our latest products and solutions at this premier event, taking place August 11-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The latest APsystems microinverter, energy storage and rapid shutdown technology will be on display at our booth #4155, where our team of experts will be available to discuss our innovative products and answer any questions you may have.



To ensure we have dedicated time to discuss your specific needs or questions, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment in advance. Please contact us to set up a meeting. Our calendar for the event is filling up quickly, so reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to meeting you at the RE+ trade show and exploring the possibilities of working together to drive the renewable energy industry forward. Click here for more information about the RE+ trade show.



Be sure not to miss our fun prize drawing giveaway at our booth during the event!

Throughout the duration of the event, we will be collecting business cards from attendees who visit us at booth #4155. And what’s up for grabs? Two lucky winners will walk away with a highly coveted Nevins Basecamp backpack!

These backpacks are not your average bags. They are designed to withstand rugged conditions, making them the perfect companion for those who are always on the go. TSA-friendly and crafted with durable materials, including vegan leather, these backpacks are not only stylish but also sustainable. With multiple compartments and ample space, they can comfortably accommodate laptops up to 17″.

To enter the prize drawing, simply visit our booth at RE+ and drop off your business card. One entry per person, and the winners will be announced on the third day! We look forward to seeing you at the event!


Revolutionizing Energy Solutions: APsystems and APsmart at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2023

Come and explore the latest solutions from APsystems and APsmart at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2023, taking place from August 30th to September 1st at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2023 (ASEW) stands as ASEAN’s most comprehensive exhibition focusing on energy and the environment, providing a premier business platform and meeting point for manufacturers to showcase cutting-edge technologies in the APAC region. Visit us at Booth #MM51, where we’ll be presenting our revolutionary distributed PV+energy storage application solutions, including the micro-DIY balcony storage solution, small and medium-sized residential storage solutions, and our DC MLPE products – rapid shutdown devices.

For the DIY Balcony scenario, you’ll have the opportunity to see APsystems’ latest EZ1 products on display for the first time in the Southeast Asian countries, alongside the PPS product, forming an integrated solar+storage solution. The Wi-Fi & Bluetooth versions of the EZ1 series represent APsystems’ 3rd generation of dual microinverters, featuring 2 input channels with independent MPPT, high input current, and output power to adapt to today’s larger power modules. Using an AC extension cable, the EZ1 series can be plugged into a socket to start outputting energy, providing a truly easy and convenient grid connection. With integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, users can commission, monitor, and diagnose the system through a cellphone app.

For residential scenarios, APsystems will showcase microinverters DS3, QT2 series, energy storage inverters, battery-related products, and other equipment. The AC coupling system solution is suitable for new solar+storage installations or PV systems upgraded to solar+storage systems. With the smart energy storage system, users can effectively manage home energy through a cloud platform, enhancing the self-consumption rate derived from solar energy and improving economic efficiency.

We will also display DC MLPE devices, including the dual-module Rapid Shutdown Device (RSD-D) and Transmitter-PLC. Compliant with NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown and SunSpec certified, the RSD-D and Transmitter-PLC offer an ideal solution for module-level rapid shutdown. To date, over 3 million RSD products have been shipped worldwide.

For more details, please email us at We eagerly anticipate your presence at ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2023.



ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2023
Date: August 30 – September 1, 2023
Booth: #MM51
Venue: Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand.