APS Microinverters to be distributed by Utilities Supply Corp. in Florida, Caribbean markets


May 22, 2014

SEATTLE — APS Microinverter products will be distributed by Miami-based Utilities Supply Corp., under a first-time agreement between the two companies.

The partnership establishes APS Microinverter products in the Florida and Caribbean markets, following recent distribution deals in Nevada and California.

“By working with Utilities Supply Corp., APS enters the Caribbean market with products that meet the challenging environmental conditions there,” said Paul Barlock, Senior Vice President for APS America. “The innovative and highly reliable APS products are a great fit for Utilities Supply and its customers.”

UnknownUtilities Supply Corp. executives praised the unique, chip-based architecture of APS Microinverters that allows each unit to be easily programmed to suit any power grid profile. The Caribbean island grid includes a number of different technical standards, including British, Dutch, German, French and American, making inverter compatibility a key challenge for solar installers. Because they meet these varied technical demands, Utilities Supply will use and distribute APS Microinverters exclusively.

“With APS we can program inverter to grid spec, not grid to inverter,” said Mario Fajardo, managing member for Utilities Supply Corp. “That’s a huge advantage.”

Utilities Supply has already deployed APS Microinverters in two solar installations on the island of Aruba in the Dutch Antilles, including one for N.V. Elmar, the island’s electrical provider. Five more APS -based installations are underway, three at a large hotel chain. Distribution of APS Microinverter products is also beginning in Jamaica.

“APS has the pulse of the market,” Fajardo said. “They bring stable, consistent products with pricing that helps distributors and end users meet their goal to transition to renewable energy, with realistic and affordable options. Also, the APS support team is awesome.”

APS was founded in Silicon Valley in 2009 and is now a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of solar microinverters based on their own leading-edge technology. Based near Seattle, APS America supplies and services APS products in North America.

The APS  solar solution, which includes the APS Energy Communication Unit and APS web-based Monitor, combines highly efficient power inversion with a user-friendly monitoring interface to provide reliable, intelligent solar energy for residential and commercial applications.

APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013 (Source: GTM Research).

For information on APS solar microinverter projects, see www.apsamerica.com or email sales@apsamerica.com.

For information on Utilities Supply Corp., see www.utilitiesupply.com, email sales@yourstore.com, or call (305) 600-0426.