Tomorrow’s leaders in technology visit APS America

Students from North Kitsap High School visited the APS America offices recently to find out more about our advanced solar microinverter technology. APS IT Director Dana Gosney showed the students our APS Microinverters in action at the demonstration and testing installation next to the building.

UnknownThe students represented NKHS’ two advanced engineering classes, Engineering II and Advanced Technical Drawing, instructor Eric Nieland says. The students have spent three years in the program and are looking at pursuing further education in engineering-related fields.

“It is very eye-opening for them to see what happens in the real world,” Nieland says. “As a group, they are starting to see the wide scope and broad influence our manufacturing community possesses. Everyone hears about Boeing and Microsoft, but not enough credit is given to the smaller, local ventures.”

The students were impressed by the APS solar solution’s ability to track PV module performance, and by the company’s customer support system, Nieland says.

The high school hopes to create more opportunities with local manufacturers, to open the doors and let students get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work that goes on in the manufacturing sector.

APS America would like to say a big THANK YOU to tomorrow’s leaders, the technology students of North Kitsap High School, for their interest in our solar energy future and APS Microinverter technology.