Asolar & Alset Earn APsystems Best LATAM Project Contest Awards

Earlier this year, APsystems held the Best LATAM Project Contest for installers, selecting one residential and one commercial winner for the Project Awards. We had more entries than expected and do very much appreciate your participation.

APsystems Best LATAM Project honors solar installers Asolar and Alset from Mexico. Both of these companies deserve recognition for their forward thinking, their inventiveness, and for helping so many people and businesses alike go solar.

Asolar took our Residential Award. They started in 2013 and mainly served as a residential solar integrator. APsystems LATAM chose to honor their contribution to La Punta, a beautiful 21.9kW residential project. To help power this project, Asolar used 15 APsystems QS1 microinverters, eliminating the negative effect of the shading in the projects.

Our Commercial Award went to Alset for their Carnes G Capacidad installation. It is a very new project which was installed in March, 2020 in Jalisco, Mexico. The installation uses 375 APsystems QS1 microinverters, installed by Alset, and delivering 500 kilowatts of solar energy.

APsystems congratulates both winners of our APsystems Best LATAM Project Contest. We especially look forward to seeing all your entries next time, so be on the lookout for more information about APsystems LATAMs’ activities.

APsystems Announces “Best Installers in Canada” Contest

Get nominated and be in to win a free YC600 microinverter system

APsystems is proud of its hard-working installers who use and promote APsystems’ advanced microinverter technology in solar markets all across Canada. This is your time to shine in solar.

As an APsystems installer, this is your chance to win a free YC600 microinverter system, the world’s most advanced solar microinverter, complete with ECU-R gateway and recently launched in the Canada market.

APsystems invites distributors and solar customers to nominate their solar installation professionals or, if you are a professional solar installer, nominate yourself to be listed among APsystems’ Best Installers in Canada.

We’ll announce the winners and awards, potentially highlighting your company at your APsystems distributors’ booth during Solar Canada 2018 in June.

APsystems is committed to helping you grow your solar business even as we grow ours, so this is a cross-promotion opportunity you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

If you’re a professional solar installer, please contact your APsystems distributor by May 20th 2018 to nominate yourself.

If you have any questions about the Best Installers in Canada contest, please contact us at

Thank you for your partnership and support of APsystems and our world-class solar products. We look forward to hearing from you!

– The APsystems team