APsystems Launches the New Wi-Fi & Bluetooth EZ1 Microinverter series at SNEC 2023, Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China.–APsystems, the global leader in Distributed Solar & Storage technology, unveils the new Wi-Fi & Bluetooth EZ1 Microinverter series, a single-phase microinverter solutions range suitable for balcony and DIY PV system at the SNEC 16th (2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai, China.

The EZ1 series has been successfully introduced during a dedicated launch event on May 24 2023, on the APsystems booth, N5-350.

“The EZ1 microinverter solutions have been designed to address the fast-growing DIY solar and balcony systems we are seeing worldwide. Nowadays, consumers want to access plug and play, safe and highly productive solar solutions on their own. With integrated Wi-fi and Bluetooth technologies, the EZ1 enable en-users to register their solar systems online directly with their phone. Specific cables , power cord and monitoring application have also been developed to make this solution ready to plug in the house.” said APsystems CEO Zhimin Ling. ”The launch of the EZ1 seriesis an important step further confirming APsystems commitment to help drive a zero-carbon future and make smart solar+storage energy accessible for everyone..”

The EZ1 series range from 500VA to 960VA, and connect to one or two high power PV module. With advanced topology technology, the microinverters’ input current reach to 20A, making it suitable for the 182, 210 large size modules. This series of products can be directly connected to the electrical socket through the AC cable plug to transmit the power to the grid and load. Also its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth modules drastically simplify the commissioning process online, providing system owners easy access tomonitoring features and online diagnosis via their cellphone APP.

EZ1 Series microinverters offer the following features and benefits:

  • Max output power reaching 799 or 960VAEngineered to match the highest power modules available (Max input current 20A)
  • Designed for balcony and DIY solar systems
  • Directly connected to the grid using an AC outlet to achieve grid-connected power generation
  • Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • One microinverter connects to one or two modules
  • One or Two input channels with independent MPPT
  • Maximum reliability, IP67
  • Safety protection relay integrated

Besides the new EZ1 product series, APsystems also exhibited its full distributed solar+storage system solutions range, including its single phase multi-module microinverter series with the DS3 and DS3D adapted to small-scale installations, residential and also its new native 3 phase microinverters dedicated to industrial and commercial solar+storage applications with the QT2 and QT2D. On top of providing users with a variety of microinverter products options and solutions, the company showcased its portfolio for storage that included energy storage inverters, portable power stations (PPS) &batteries, to meet the diversified needs of users and help them to access clean electricity anytime.

For more details, please email us at info@apsystems.com. We look forward to seeing you all at SNEC 2023, N5-350.