APS Microinverters now powering African safaris in Namibia

APS Microinverters are now in service on five continents. Our new YC1000 microinverter — the world’s first true 3-phase, 4-panel unit, soon to be released in the US — is a key component in a new solar installation at Ritter Safaris, a 40,000-acre working ranch in Namibia, southwest Africa.

The installation includes 13 of our YC1000 units linked to a 52-panel ground-mount array (Jinko 235W modules) for 12.2KW, 3-phase power output. The system supports activities in the Ritter family compound of residences and guest houses, kitchen and support facilities at this popular safari destination.

Owners Rolf and Marion Ritter and their family have owned, farmed and hunted the land for three generations, and offer a year-round safari and sightseeing experience to guests from around the world.

We’re proud to bring the power of APS Microinverter technology to the African continent and this excellent, family-run enterprise.