What happened in Vegas … changed the game!

APS would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who met with us at our Solar Power International ’14 booth. The show was a tremendous success, all thanks to your generous interest and support.

Our new YC1000 3-phase microinverter was a big hit throughout the show, and we established great new relationships with distributors that we’ll be announcing shortly. We’re grateful to have shared our exciting new technology and products with you all at this premier event.

Now we hope you’ll stay in touch with the APS sales and customer service teams to learn more about the YC1000 3-phase, 277/480 unit and the rest of our microinverter line. Please don’t hesitate to call us for distribution and installation opportunities. After a strong year that brought APS technology to many new markets across the US, we’re looking forward to an even bigger 2015. We hope you’ll be a part of it.

Click here for detailed product information and technical data on our entire product line, as well as testimonials from our customers who have made APS their microinverter of choice. Take a moment to find out what APS Microinverters can do for you — and thank you again!

UK is A-OK with APS

APS took its advanced microinverter technology to British Isles recently for the Solar UK conference in Birmingham.

The event heralded APS ’ entry into the burgeoning European solar market. On display was the full product line, including our groundbreaking new YC1000 3-phase microinverter.

More than 200 exhibitors were on hand for what is billed as the No. 1 UK solar event. Thank you to all who came by our booth to see what APS has to offer!


APS YC1000 offers unprecedented features

YC1000-closeup-webThe challenge: How to bring the advantages of microinverters to a commercial solar environment and be cost competitive in that market.

The solution took more than three years of research and development, but now it’s here: the YC1000 microinverter from APS .

The native 3-phase, 277/480 unit brings microinverters finally into the realm of large-scale commercial installations, with a groundbreaking approach to the technical challenges of these most demanding environments.

Simplicity of design: The YC1000 requires no extra equipment like transformers or optimizers, and no extra wiring. All needs are resolved within the unit’s native design.

Unprecedented cable management: The YC1000 revolutionizes trunk cabling with a new and innovative approach. There’s no need to branch cables or deal with the “landscape vs. portrait” complexity of a standard trunk cable system. These issues are solved by shifting the solution to the trunk cable itself.

Increased flexibility to add modules: The YC100 supports 4:1 and a 3:1 module-to-inverter ratios, so modules can be easily added for customized or space-limited projects.

Optimized monitoring and control: The YC1000 allows monitoring of individual modules, reducing shading issues and allowing more precise control of the whole PV array.

 Dr. Yuhao Luo, co-founder, vice president and chief technology officer for APS , began working toward these solutions in Silicon Valley based on his experience with PV systems in one of the world’s fastest-growing solar markets.

“Four years ago, there was no residential PV market in China,” he says. “All projects were 3-phase. We used a single-phase microinverter for those projects, but clearly a 3-phase microinverter would make those projects much easier in both design and installation.”

The YC1000 spent three years in design and development before rollout, and has been successfully deployed in installations in Australia, China and Africa.

It is now shipping to distributors across the US market.

Add up the technical breakthroughs – simplicity of design, revolutionized trunk cabling, outstanding flexibility, and optimized monitoring and control – and the YC1000 microinverter from APS represents distinct advantages and cost savings over every other microinverter solution on the market.

“This really is a gamechanger for commercial solar,” says Michael Ludgate, vice president for sales for APS  America. “We’ve shifted the paradigm again.”

See the groundbreaking YC1000 at SPI Las Vegas, Oct. 20-23. Visit the APS  booth #3124, or email us to discuss specific installation and distribution opportunities.

New YC1000 microinverter from APS a groundbreaking 3-phase solution

Four modules. One microinverter. Do the math.

APS is out in front of the commercial solar market with the YC1000, our native 3-phase/4-module, 277/480 microinverter

Everyone agrees that commercial is the next great frontier in solar, the market segment with the greatest consumer need and the greatest potential for growth.

The question has been, who would step up with the vision and innovation to show the solar industry the way forward.

APSYSTEMS-YC1000-4panels-side-smNow you know: APS.

Our new YC1000 microinverter enters the domestic market as the game-changer that commercial solar has been waiting for. System designers, installers and consumers are ready for our native 3-phase/4-module, 277/480 microinverter specifically designed for large-scale commercial applications.

Consider the YC1000 advantages:

— Only 1 microinverter needed for 4 PV modules: APS was already first to market with an innovative (and still unmatched) two-module microinverter for residential applications. Now we’ve shifted the paradigm again: the YC1000 simplifies commercial system design and installation with an unprecedented 1:4 microinverter-to-module ratio. That’s a huge advantage for commercial-scale installations that run into the hundreds or thousands of units.

— Significantly lower cost: The YC1000 enters the domestic market as the clear favorite in price-per-watt, both in up-front and balance-of-system costs.

— Proven technology: Our YC1000 technology has already proven itself on two continents, with a 250 kW installation already in service and a 1.7 MW system nearing construction – proof of concept on a dramatic scale.

You’ll be hearing a lot of talk around the industry about how to make commercial solar work at scale. We all see the same need. But only the APS YC1000 offers a truly forward-thinking solution for demanding, large-scale rooftop applications while increasing energy harvest, improving project ROI and controlling capital costs.

APS had the vision to develop game-changing technology to expand the market: a powerful, native 3-phase microinverter designed and engineered from the ground up for commercial applications.

The solar future belongs to the innovators, and the innovator is APS. See the YC1000 for yourself at Solar Power International ’14 in Las Vegas, Oct. 20-23.

Michael Ludgate is vice president of business development for APS America. Reach him at michael.ludgate@apsamerica.com.