Big News Australia & New Zealand: Another Fantastic A+ Rewards Offer from APsystems!

Dear Valued Australian & New Zealand Installer,

The unbelievable A+ Rewards program from APsystems is now better than ever! We’re proud to offer this incredible promotion to our Australian& New Zealand installers.

Free-YC500-20160812For every 15 YC500 microinverters purchased from an APsystems participating distribution partner in Australia or New Zealand, you will receive two YC500 microinverters absolutely free!
That’s right: Now through September 19, 2016, that’s 2 industry-leading YC500 microinverters for every 15 you buy. The two free units will be sent with your order.

Please refer to the full terms and conditions (below) of this A+ Rewards Program. Units sold during this promotion as well as complimentary units are not eligible for return (except in the case of standard RMA requirements such as manufacturer defect, malfunction or other issues as outlined in the APsystems YC500 warranty.)

Place your order with an APsystems participating distributor today for prompt fulfillment!

– APsystems Team



The A+ Rewards Program is valid from August 20 to September 19, 2016. The offer is open to installers in Australia and New Zealand who purchase APsystems YC500 microinverters through participating distribution partners with which an A+ Rewards Program Distributor Participation Agreement is in place, and who purchase APsystems YC500 microinverters (YC250 microinverters are not eligible for this promotion). Purchases and complimentary products cannot be returned or exchanged. Participating Distributor partners who are also installers do not qualify to receive rebates under this program.

Once you place an order for 15 or more YC500 microinverters, you can request 2 free YC500 microinverters from the distributor. The distributor will send you the free YC500 microinverters with your order.

The minimum order for this program is 15 YC500 microinverters, and 15 microinverters are considered as a unit to calculate the number of free microinverters under the rebate. For example, an order of 29 microinverters would only qualify for two free YC500 microinverters; an order of 30 microinverters would qualify for four free microinverters.

The number of free YC500 microinverters under the rebate is based on each individual order, and the purchase quantities of different orders cannot be cumulative. For example, 2 separate orders of 10 YC500 microinverters would not qualify for free YC500 microinverter; but 1 order of 20 microinverters would qualify for 2 free microinverters.

Any questions on the promotion policy should be directed to your participating APsystems distributor.

APsystems Reservation of Rights
All rights reserved. APsystems reserves the rights to disqualify participants at any time and at its sole discretion. By participating in the offer, installers agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the decisions of APsystems, which are final and binding, including any decisions concerning any violation or non-satisfaction of these terms and conditions. The installer shall have no right to receive free microinverter under this promotion unless the installer first fulfills all requirements of this promotion.

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