APsystems Enhances EMA System with 4 new languages supported

APsystems is proud to announce that the EMA monitoring web portal is now available in 4 new languages. Thai, Vietnamese, Polish and Dutch are now supported providing local languages monitoring services to its customers around the world. Users can view their solar array performance using the same URL and log-in information as before at APsystemsEMA.com.

APsystems now offers 11 language options with its EMA portal for regional markets including English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, traditional Chinese, Spanish, German, Polish, Dutch, Thai and Vietnamese.

The web-based platform, available for free on any connected device, enabling comprehensive, web-based monitoring that analyzes and reports the performance of each module in your solar array. Also, APsystems-registered solar installers and contractors can create and manage their customer’s energy monitoring accounts via the system.

APsystems has more than 170,000 registered installations in more than 120 countries on its EMA platform. The new language version adds convenience for the customers especially in APAC and Europe to help them better manage their solar systems.