APS Microinverters good for the environment and the economy, China TV says

When producers for the television show Travel Around China asked how Jiaxing residents could “get rich,” the answer was solar.

China energy policy encourages citizens to put PV systems on their homes, to earn government subsidies and sell the extra electricity back to the grid. That’s where the APS Microinverter comes in – as a key component of the residential PV systems that are turning up in great numbers in Chinese cities and across the countryside.

“APS’ goal is that every family can be able to install a solar system at their house,” APS co-founder, CEO and President Dr. Zhi-Min Ling told the Travel Around China program. “We provide the most efficient, convenient and smart solutions for the public to make our garden greener.”

During the interview, Dr. Ling explained how a home PV system works, and how the APS Energy Monitoring and Analysis software allows residents to track their system’s productivity in real time.

The Chinese government strongly supports development of distributed energy systems throughout the country, both to protect the environment and for citizens’ economic benefit. This includes subsidies for homeowners who install their own PV array, so residential systems are becoming more commonplace next to larger commercial installations.

Safer and more efficient than central “string” inverters, APS Microinverters are an ideal fit for these household PV systems.