APS Microinverters are the safe choice to meet NEC 2014 standards

New electrical safety standards for solar equipment are here, and APS Microinverters meet these tough new demands out of the box.

Under the new National Electrical Code (NEC) 2014, PV system circuits must include a Rapid Shutdown function to cut off the flow of current in case of an emergency. The new standards protect system installers and emergency responders from encountering an energized system.

This Rapid Shutdown functionality is built into every APS Microinverter. Our products are engineered for safety – a key feature as state codes change to keep up with the spread of solar across our communities.

“Due to fire and safety issues, we no longer install string inverters,” says John Harley, president of Brimma Solar, a leading installer in the Pacific Northwest market. Brimma chooses safe, reliable APS Microinverter technology for their customers in Washington and Oregon.

Innovative, cost-effective, bankable: PV panels meet their perfect match in APS Microinverters. APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013 (source: GTM Research).

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