APsystems to Exhibit New YC600 Microinverter at All-Energy 2017!

APsystems will showcase the new YC600 utility-interactive microinverter at All-Energy Australia 2017, Oct. 11-12 in Melbourne.

A smart microinverter for the smart grid, the YC600 with Reactive Power Control is CEC approved for Australia and meets IEC/EN62109-1/2 requirements. The YC600 can connect to two modules, lowering balance of system costs while offering 600VA peak performance and integrated ZigBee wireless communication. It is ideal for high-output PV panels from 200 to 365W+, and works with 60- and 72-cell PV modules with dual, independent MPPT per panel. The unit operates within a wider MPPT voltage range than competing brands for a greater energy harvest and boasts a durable, NEMA 6/IP67, powder-coated aluminum enclosure, bucking today’s trend of plastic casings.

Also at All-Energy Australia: The APsystems new ECU-C Energy Communication Unit, an advanced gateway for single and 3-phase PV systems. With its built-in smart meter, the ECU-C tracks array performance and power production in real-time along with historical output data. The anti-flowback control function and rapid shutdown features further guarantee system safety.

APsystems’ Lucky Draw is waiting for you!
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There will be one first prize winner (1 ECU-C unit ), two second prize winners (1 YC600 unit for each), and three third prize winners (1 OPT700 unit for each).

Date: 11-12 October


Venue: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center

We look forward to seeing you at Cannot wait to see you all in All Energy Australia 2017!

Northernmost grid-tied solar Install in Canada

APsystems 3-phase microinverters now power the northernmost grid-tied solar installation in the Americas – the Community Hall at Pond Inlet, Nunavut, latitude 72N.

Vancouver Renewable Energy (VREC) powered up the 590kW system in Canada’s newest and northernmost province in September.


The 9.3kW community system features 32 SolarWorld 290-watt mono-crystalline modules and eight APsystems YC1000 true 3-phase microinverters.

In just three weeks the PV system had produced 590kWh of power, saving hundreds of dollars on the municipal power bill for the remote, 1,500-person hamlet. The community otherwise relies on a diesel “tank farm” and generator plant for its power needs – an expensive proposition now helped by clean, renewable solar and APsystems microinverter technology.


The new array will be paired with a mural celebrating light, both from the sun and from qulliqs, traditional Inuit lamps that use animal fat as for fuel, according to the Vancouver Renewable Energy blog.

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