World’s largest true 3-phase microinverter installation powered by APS YC1000

The groundbreaking YC1000 microinverter from APS will power a milestone true 3-phase installation going into service in China’s Zhejiang Province this week.

More than 1.4 MW of the total 8.13 MW project will be generated using APS Microinverter technology – earning it distinction as the world’s largest true 3-phase microinverter installation.

The project at the Haining Hailide Jianshan factory began development four weeks ago, and is planned to join China’s national power grid on Dec. 30.

The installation includes 1,200 APS YC1000 microinverters. Now available in all APS markets worldwide, the YC1000 is the industry’s first true 3-phase microinverter and handles up to four modules per unit, simplifying PV system design and installation while significantly lowering balance of system costs.

The YC1000’s balanced 3-phase output features a low-voltage, parallel circuit design, promoting system safety by negating the possibility of “arc fires” from high-voltage current.

Independent output and tracking optimizes the performance of each PV module while minimizing shading effects across the whole array.

APS Microinverter technology increases array output by 5-25 percent compared to conventional “string” inverter systems.

Using the integrated APS Energy Communication Unit (ECU), Haining system managers will be able to track power output, voltage, current, temperature and other performance data of every module in the array.

The completed project will provide approximately 8.14 million kWh of energy per year, saving nearly 3,000 tons of coal while reducing CO2 admissions by more than 700 tons. Over the plant’s projected 25-year lifespan, the reduction in coal use and carbon and sulfur dioxide emissions will be multiplied many times over.

The year 2014 has marked the first widespread development of distributed PV power throughout China, an effort vigorously promoted by the Chinese government.

The electricity generated by the Haining system promises a strong economic return for investors, powering the factory even as it protects the local environment and promotes APS 3-phase microinverter technology in the robust China market and worldwide.

APS Australian partner ZEN hits system monitoring milestone

APS partner ZEN Energy Systems of Australia recently passed a milestone 1,500 PV systems registered for EMA monitoring.
The Energy Monitoring & Analysis software allows remote analysis of PV systems outfitted with APS Microinverters.logo-systemsNetworked with the APS Communicator gateway, EMA relays the performance of individual PV modules to a database in real time. Performance analytics can then be accessed from any web-enabled device, allowing the system owner to monitor and optimize array output.ZEN Energy Systems was established in 2004 to develop innovative and sustainable energy technologies, and since that time has become one of Australia’s top renewable energy brands.

The company began installing APS Microinverters in its residential and commercial PV systems in March 2013, and is now one of APS’ biggest solar distribution partners.

Its largest installation to date is a 99kW array employing nearly 200 APS YC500 dual-module microinverters.

“We are glad to cooperate with APS for the technological precedence of the YC500,” said Richard Turner, ZEN Energy Systems CEO. “The microinverter system can really do an excellent job. Our clients are very satisfied with it. The quality and reliability of the products are quite good and are improved all the time.”

APS recently passed its own milestone of 10,000 PV systems worldwide registered for EMA monitoring.

APS ranked No. 2 in global market share among top microinverter suppliers by shipments in 2013 (source: GTM Research).